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Founded by Don Foss in 2015, Car Dealers Care National Foundation is a charitable organization focused on the health and education of young people in need.

Don Foss :: 1944 - 2022

Entrepreneur & Philanthropist

Don’s legacy in the automobile industry spanned 55 years, beginning in 1967 when he opened his first car lot in Detroit. His business model was truly innovative and led to him eventually becoming one of the largest used-car dealers in the world. In addition, his business model positively impacted individuals and communities by providing vehicle financing options for customers who did not qualify for traditional financing. Don passed away in 2022 at aged 78 after a lifetime filled with entrepreneurial spirit and charitable deeds.

Not only was Don known for his quick wit, incredible business acumen, entrepreneurship and perseverance, he was revered by thousands for his countless profound impacts on local, regional and national communities through generous scholarships, philanthropies and other supportive efforts.

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Who We help

The Areas We Focus On

Enriching the lives of young people through health and education

Youth Health

Don often sought to enrich the lives of young people in his community through various philanthropic efforts. For example, through a partnership with a dealership group founded by Don Foss (CARite) our foundation has pledged $1M to St. Jude's to help children in need. We pledge to continue these efforts through various charitable initiatives sponsored by Car Dealers Care.

Youth Education

Our founder Don Foss is no stranger to education initiatives. Through the Don Foss Annual Scholarship (created in 1998) and the Don Foss Endowed Scholarship (created in 2015) over 630 scholarships have been awarded to students pursuing careers in the automotive industry at Northwood University. Through Car Dealers Care we are continuing this effort through scholarships and various education initiatives.